Order of Thaddeus

Silas Grey Conspiracy Thriller Series

Collection 1

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An ancient threat. A sacred relic.  A religious belief under siege.

Silas Grey is on the verge of proving the Church’s central belief: Jesus Christ’s resurrection. But an ancient cultic enemy has risen to destroy the Christian faith. Can he preserve the memory of its central belief before its archenemy erases it forever?


What if the story of Jesus isn’t the one that happened?

Silas Grey chances upon someone from his past who appears with a remarkable offer. Soon it is clear that it is part of a larger conspiracy that grows more urgent. Can he help preserve the eyewitness memory of Jesus’ earliest apostles before Jesus’ story is altered forever?


The Lost Ark is more than a Hollywood blockbuster.

After news breaks the Ark of the Covenant is about to be unearthed, soon it is clear things are not as they seem—and an explosive conspiracy threatens the essence of the Christian faith. Will Silas Grey be able to stop the threat against the Church and the Ark before it’s too late?

Enter the first three explosively inventive adventures of the bestselling. Order of Thaddeus action-adventure, religious conspiracy series by emerging author J. A. Bouma—who combines the familiar elements of Dan Brown’s religious conspiracy with James Rollin’s special-ops suspense, informed by Steve Berry’s historical insights.

As one reader says: “If you like the sigma force novels by James Rollins or Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone series you might like this series. It provides plenty of rollicking action adventure while also giving insights into the Christian faith.”

Best Selling Author

J. A. Bouma

J. A. Bouma is an emerging author of vintage faith fiction. As a former congressional staffer and pastor and bestselling author of over thirty religious fiction and nonfiction books, he blends a love for ideas and adventure, exploration and discovery, thrill and thought. With graduate degrees in Bible and theology, he writes within the tension of faith and doubt, spirituality and theology, Church and culture, belief and practice, modern and vintage forms of Church, and the gritty drama that is our collective pilgrim story.

He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his wife, son, and daughter, and their rambunctious boxer-pug-terrier Zoe.


Couldn’t put them down….very well researched and written. Great intrigue. Indiana Jones, step aside, I have a new hero – Silas Grey!

– Alice, Amazon Review

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Available Dec 4, 2018

American God

Order of Thaddeus Thriller Series

Ex-Ranger-turned-professor Silas Grey is at an all-time low. His career is in jeopardy, the woman he cares about is in the hospital, and there’s a presidential election tearing the country apart. So when a former classmate shows up with a mysterious medallion with ancient markings of conflicting origin, he knows trouble is on the horizon.

Silas and the Order’s SEPIO operatives embark on a timely mission ripped from the headlines to protect the integrity of the authentic Church. Not only that, whether they succeed or fail will have national ramifications as the country straddles the knife-edge separation of Church and state. In a race against the election clock, will they succeed before that separation is breached and religious confusion floods the nation?