Day 1 today for book 8 in the Order of Thaddeus series! After taking a break I’m starting with 2500 words in the next phase of Silas Grey’s journey, which picks up a few months after the end of ‘Rite of Darkness.’ If you’ve read that, then you know what I’m taking about with “next phase”!

I have a loose idea where the story will head, but I’m much more of a discovery writer than a major plotter, preferring to let my creative mind take the story where it should go rather than plotting every detail. I do put together a rough outline with major plot points, but I mostly ‘write into the dark’ as one writer says.

I’ll share more on the title in the coming days, but as you can see it’s suggestive of the Gospels found in the Christian New Testament of the Bible. So aside from the entertaining, page-turning thrills of the adventure, the focus of this book is to hopefully offer some insight into the Holy Scriptures and inspiration for that aspect of faith.

Alright…back to the keyboard I go 🙂 Grace and peace,


PS—I plan to post some of these more personal updates on my writing along the way. Not sure how often, or if it will be interesting, but I like the idea of chronicling the process. Perhaps you will too 🙂