Order of Thaddeus

The Emperor Code

Book 9

What if all you’ve ever known about Christianity is a lie?


On his deathbed, Constantine the Great, Emperor of Rome and patron of the Church, was baptized into Christianity—and a confession was heard.

But what did he say, and who did he say it to? No one has known.

Until now.

Fresh off a mission saving the Bible, the Order of Thaddeus, ancient defender of the Church, makes a startling discovery at an archaeological site that threatens the heart of Christian belief: the divinity of Jesus. It also throws into confusion the historical record surrounding Emperor Constantine and the Council of Nicaea.

And when a cryptic message on the dark web challenging the Church’s central code surfaces from a new rival—Silas Grey and his agents are once again thrown back into the fray to unravel a puzzle mystery involving the Nicene Creed and Constantine’s confession.

Spanning the seedbed of Christianity from Libya to Turkey, SEPIO scrambles to make sense of a maelstrom of menaces sweeping against both the Order and the Church in its most urgent and harrowing mission yet. All with a ticking-clock countdown to explosive revelations suggesting all the world has ever known about Christianity has been a lie—built by an emperor, embedded in a creed, suggested by a heretic, and pushed by a doctrine at the heart of the world’s largest religion.

Will SEPIO get to the bottom of the ancient confession and code at the heart of Christianity before enemies new and old leverage it to destroy the faith?

Combining fact, faith, and fiction like few religious writers, J. A. Bouma weaves a propulsive, page-turning archaeological treasure hunt fans of Clive Cussler, James Rollins, and Steve Berry will devour—with the best elements from bestselling action-adventure, religious conspiracy, and historical thrillers to set the pace.

Join the archaeological adventure with this 9th book in the series fans say “is a must read [that] will not only excite and thrill you but give you something to think about and inspire you!”


Best Selling Author

J. A. Bouma

J. A. Bouma believes nobody should have to read bad religious fiction—whether its cheesy plots with pat answers or misrepresentations of the Christian faith and the Bible. So he wants to do something about it by telling compelling, propulsive stories that thrill as much as inspire, while offering a dose of insight along the way.

When not putting fingers to keyboard, he loves vintage jazz vinyl, a glass of Malbec, and an epic read—preferably together. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife, two kiddos, and rambunctious boxer-pug-terrier.

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The Order of Thaddeus series is a must read. It will not only excite and thrill you but give you something to think about and inspire you.”

★★★★★ Jonathan Barwick, Amazon Review

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Available April 09, 2019

Templars Rising

Action-Adventure Thriller

Templars Rising is a story of faith and persecution, vengance and martyrdom that leverages the familiar conspiracy suspense of Dan Brown, the special-ops muscle of James Rollins’s Sigma Force novels, and the historical insight of Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone series—delivering an explosive religious thriller that abandons Hollywood-style Templar conspiracies for the remarkable historical truth behind the ancient religious order.


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