Order of Thaddeus

Fallen Ones

Book 11

An Ancient Conspiracy. A Modern Phenomenon. A Shocking Revelation about the Universe.

Silas Grey is running late—again. And for a dinner date planning his future wedding! When he arrives, he wished they’d ordered takeout.

Because a political conspiracy stretching back half a century threatens to embroil the Order of Thaddeus with alarming implications—for America, the world, and the Church. The stakes explode when an archaeological site yields a discovery that unveils unsettling questions about human existence. When new insights from the Bible unveil shocking revelations, SEPIO must unravel the conspiracy with ancient roots leading to a modern phenomenon.

The existence of UFOs and search for alien life.

But forces marshaled against SEPIO, the muscular arm of the Church, leaves their success in doubt—reaching all levels of government and beyond. Threatening not only the Christian faith, but their very lives.

This is a tale worthy of its own X-Files episode, delivering an explosive page-turner that will make you rethink all you know about the unseen supernatural realm.

Devour the 11th book in the bestselling religious thriller series fans agree combines the best action-adventure elements of James Rollins and Clive Cussler with the conspiracy suspense of Dan Brown and Steve Berry.  

Best Selling Author

J. A. Bouma

J. A. Bouma believes nobody should have to read bad religious fiction—whether its cheesy plots with pat answers or misrepresentations of the Christian faith and the Bible. So he wants to do something about it by telling compelling, propulsive stories that thrill as much as inspire, while offering a dose of insight along the way.

When not putting fingers to keyboard, he loves vintage jazz vinyl, a glass of Malbec, and an epic read—preferably together. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife, two kiddos, and rambunctious boxer-pug-terrier.

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The Order of Thaddeus series is a must read. It will not only excite and thrill you but give you something to think about and inspire you.”

★★★★★ Jonathan Barwick, Amazon Review