Ichthus Chronicles

Apocalypse Rising / Full Season 2

The Apocalypse Is Now

4 full-length books in 1 story season!

Devour the second season in an epic four-episode, binge-worthy saga—a thousand pages of action and adventure, mystery and intrigue!

The year is AD 2125. Apostasy has bloomed throughout Ichthus, the remnant of future Christianity. Solterra Republic has launched a murderous campaign of persecution against the Church. And a newly formed Resistance searches for a strategy of survival while one of their leaders is nowhere to be found.

Then the unthinkable happens: a global catastrophe that ushers in the events leading to the Great Tribulation.

The end-times apocalypse.

One by one the Seven Trumpets begin to blow, unleashing a torrent of natural and supernatural destruction that judges Solterra and tests the Church.

But how, when Christians still remains on Earth and believers across Solterra are fighting for the faith in an underground Resistance? And if the apocalypse has dawn, what is Ichthus to do about it?

Finding those answers are a cast of characters all on a quest to answer one burning question: What is the average Christian to do when the final seal is opened and the seven trumpets of judgment are let loose?

Yet a series of bewildering events threaten not only their mission—but introduce a menacing turn that could alter future Christianity itself. They must solve these mysterious events in order to preserve the memory of the Church and safeguard the future faith—but the outcome is uncertain.

Will the Remnant succeed in retrieving what the Church needs to survive the Great Tribulation and save the world during these dark, apocalyptic times?

Find out in the page-turning, thrilling follow-up season to Apostasy Rising that readers agree is “Great reading and relevant in today’s times”! Then get ready in 2022 for Antichrist Rising—the thrilling Season 3 conclusion that ushers in Christ’s glorious return.


Ichthus Chronicles is an explosively inventive time-travel series that recasts the Christian struggle in a future world rife with social and religious challenges combined with technological and political change that feels close to home—inviting readers to experience the sacrifices and struggles to persevere unto victory in the face of hostile forces, both in the future and the past.

Not since the blockbuster Left Behind series has a story captured the heart of the Church’s mission in these last days—offering a unique, page-turning adventure that not only entertains through thrilling action and mysterious suspense, but captures the urgency of our own day and inspires for the journey of faith.

Best Selling Author

J. A. Bouma

J. A. Bouma believes nobody should have to read bad religious fiction—whether its cheesy plots with pat answers or misrepresentations of the Christian faith and the Bible. So he wants to do something about it by telling compelling, propulsive stories that thrill as much as inspire, while offering a dose of insight along the way.

When not putting fingers to keyboard, he loves vintage jazz vinyl, a glass of Malbec, and an epic read—preferably together. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife, two kiddos, and rambunctious boxer-pug-terrier.

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The Order of Thaddeus series is a must read. It will not only excite and thrill you but give you something to think about and inspire you.”

★★★★★ Jonathan Barwick, Amazon Review