Ichthus Chronicles

Apocalypse Rising / Season 2 • Episode 3

The Church’s Future Is History

The third story in an epic four-episode, binge-worthy story season told through full-length, complete novels with cliff-hangers that make you hunger for more.

The year is AD 2125. After apostasy rises in the Christian Remnant and the Republic unleashes a murderous campaign of persecution against the Church—the world as we know it takes an apocalyptic turn:

End times events rise to a fevered pitch of mayhem that forces Christians to make sense of the Great Tribulation—and confront a new normal that threatens it all.

But there is hope. For Alexander Zarruq and Rebekah Kony are on the verge of retrieving the memory marker at the heart of Christianity: the Nicene Creed. Except their mission and the Creed itself are threatened in ways unimagined after opening the portal to the past.

Will they find within themselves the courage to confront the threats and save the future faith from the consequences of time travel?

Meanwhile, John Mark Ford and his crew are trapped in the Neutral Zone seeking intel from the ruins of the Order of Thaddeus—but then the unthinkable happens.

The Fourth and Fifth Trumpets unleash a new wave of God’s judgment that ratchets up the stakes. Not only for preserving the remnant Church, but bringing Christ’s salvation to unbelieving Solterra before the world ends at the hands of a demonic invasion.

Will the Remnant succeed in retrieving what the Church needs to survive the Great Tribulation and save the world during these dark, apocalyptic times?

Devour the next episode to find out in the thrilling follow-up season to the celebrated Apostasy Rising that readers agree is “Great reading and relevant in today’s times”!


Ichthus Chronicles is an explosively inventive series that recasts the Christian struggle in a future world rife with social and religious challenges combined with technological and political change that feels close to home—inviting readers to experience the sacrifices and struggles to persevere unto victory in the face of hostile forces, both in the future and the past.

Not since the blockbuster Left Behind series has a story captured the heart of the Church’s mission in these last days—offering a unique, page-turning adventure that not only entertains through thrilling action and mysterious suspense, but captures the urgency of our own day and inspires for the journey of faith.

Best Selling Author

J. A. Bouma

J. A. Bouma believes nobody should have to read bad religious fiction—whether its cheesy plots with pat answers or misrepresentations of the Christian faith and the Bible. So he wants to do something about it by telling compelling, propulsive stories that thrill as much as inspire, while offering a dose of insight along the way.

When not putting fingers to keyboard, he loves vintage jazz vinyl, a glass of Malbec, and an epic read—preferably together. He lives in Grand Rapids with his wife, two kiddos, and rambunctious boxer-pug-terrier.

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What if the story of Jesus isn’t the one that happened?

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The Order of Thaddeus series is a must read. It will not only excite and thrill you but give you something to think about and inspire you.”

★★★★★ Jonathan Barwick, Amazon Review

Coming Soon!

Available March 26, 2019

A Reimagined Faith

Spritual Coming of Age

Written in the self-discovery style of Brian McLaren’s award-winning A New Kind of Christian and John Greene’s coming-of-age stories, with shades of such classics as C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity and John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, J. A. Bouma’s A Reimagined Faith is the first story in a fresh, insightful spiritual coming-of-age series for a new generation wondering if the Christianity they’ve always known offers more in these dynamic times. Drawing from his own spiritual journey as a young adult, Bouma writes a stirring fable of resonance and truth for those wrestling with deep questions of faith, life, and everything in between.


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