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Templars Rising

Action-Adventure Thriller

A legend 900 years in the making rises again to protect the Church.

The day before Easter 1119, 700 unarmed Jerusalem Christian pilgrims were savagely attacked by Muslims from two nearby cities. Three hundred were slaughtered, sixty more were taken as slaves—and nine men rose to avenge their deaths and pledge their lives to “the defense of Jerusalem and the protection of pilgrims.”

The Knights Templar, robed in white with crimson crosses and armed to protect Christians from threatening persecution.

Nine hundred years later, a series of similar devastating, coordinated attacks leaves the Church reeling during Holy Week—and bewildered by the possibility that the legendary Knights of Christ have risen from the shadows of legend into the light of activation.

When the Order of Thaddeus, ancient defender of the Christian faith, is embroiled in the mayhem without any answers, SEPIO launches its most harrowing operation yet—to not only protect the Church and bring the perpetrators to justice, but to confront the mysterious men in white avenging Christian persecution once again.

Templars Rising is a story of faith and persecution, vengeance and martyrdom that leverages the familiar conspiracy suspense of Dan Brown, the special-ops muscle of James Rollins’s Sigma Force novels, and the historical insight of Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone series—delivering an explosive religious thriller that abandons Hollywood-style Templar conspiracies for the remarkable historical truth behind the ancient religious order.

In a truly original story ripped from the unreported headlines chronicling the horrifying persecution of the worldwide Church, J. A. Bouma combines fact, faith, and fiction like few contemporary religious storytellers—weaving an adventurous, action-packed page-turner with a compelling, inspiring message for believers and non-believers alike about the nature of faith and ones unashamed commitment to it—even unto death.

Grab the 6th book in the bestselling religious suspense series readers say offers a “highly entertaining” and “compelling read”! 


The Order of Thaddeus series is a must read. It will not only excite and thrill you but give you something to think about and inspire you.”

★★★★★ Jonathan Barwick, Amazon Review

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