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Bestselling Author

J. A. Bouma

J. A. Bouma is an emerging author of vintage faith fiction. As a former congressional staffer and pastor and bestselling author of over thirty religious fiction and nonfiction books, he blends a love for ideas and adventure, exploration and discovery, thrill and thought. With graduate degrees in Bible and theology, he writes within the tension of faith and doubt, spirituality and theology, Church and culture, belief and practice, modern and vintage forms of Church, and the gritty drama that is our collective pilgrim story.

He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his wife, son, and daughter, and their rambunctious boxer-pug-terrier Zoe. When not writing he likes a good book, Malbec, and a jazz record. Preferably together.

Other Books

Holy Shroud

An ancient threat. A sacred relic. A belief that hangs in the balance.

A Reimagined Faith

What do you do when the faith you grew up with no longer makes sense?

A Rediscovered Faith

Is your faith still relevant in your modern world?

Apostasy Rising

Varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes. Varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes.

Updates & Research

What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant?

What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant? Let’s face it: any religious conspiracy thriller writer worth their salt cannot not write about the Ark of the Covenant. I mean…come on! So, here we are, another tome to add to the shelves of Ark lore. And yet this one is a...


I was intrigued by the message the author was revealing….Thank you for the great read!

– TOdd, Amazon Reader


For anyone struggling to find their way, [his book] offers an uplifting story. Check it out!

– Chad, amazon reader


Somehow, he has taken what could be a dry subject — theology — and made it interesting.

– Sherman, Amazon reader